Leeton Shire Council Bin Stickers

Hello Stephanie,
Thanks for your email request for supply of Leeton Shire Council bin stickers, we would be very happy to work with you on your Bin Safety sticker project and help contribute to safety awareness in our communities and hopefully saving lives.

Attached is your pricing for three size options for Reflective Bin stickers, photos of laminated 3M bin stickers that we printed in 2009 and 2011 and also an un-laminated bin sticker.

Also to the left is 3 mockups of your new black bin with your proposed artwork at the size of 600mm x 400mm, and two other size options 300mm x 420mm and 210mm x 300mm.
The Speed Matters, Slow Down signage is for the benefit of vehicles or drivers so size is important if they are going to be able to see and be reminded to “Slow Down”

Please Note – The SVC Logo on the bin artwork attached will be changed to your Leeton Logo with proof sent for your approval.

Option 1 – Reflective Bin Stickers

The reflective is 3M™ 7310 Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting. It has been specially designed to have high scratch resistance and is flexible and durable. The sheeting features micro-prismatic optics that return light to drivers under a diverse set of night time viewing geometries that are encountered by the driving public. ​When applied to properly prepared substrates, the Sheeting provides long-term reflectivity and durability. This white Sheeting has been designed for use in the production of retroreflective commercial signs, non-regulated traffic control signs that are exposed vertically in service and pressure sensitive stickers.

Attached are photos of 3M bin stickers that we printed for Katopra bins in 2009 at Russell st and 2011 in Wynyard st.
The non-laminated sticker photo is showing a lot of scratches and ageing and would have faded more if it was stored in the open weather and sun.

The gloss over laminate is recommended for all stickers and protects you artwork from scratches and weathering giving you a much longer sticker life with clear artwork. The over laminate also gives a little more rigidity to the vinyl making it easier for you to install. 

Damage will be inevitable on some bins, the attached damaged bin sticker photo with a severe scratch across the face is showing that it has not pulled the sticker off the bin and has still stuck very well.

Option 2 – The SuperTac – Gloss Non-Reflective Bin Stickers

The SuperTac – Low Energy Surface (LES) sticker is non-reflective and with the gloss over laminate has long term durability, flatness & excellent resistance too shrinkage. The acrylic glue is clear and is an aggressive adhesive designed for low-energy surfaces such as bins, the surface only needs to be clean & wiped over with soapy water and then an isopropyl cleaner & dry to give it the best chance of sticking well. Backing is a moisture resistant – stay-flat backing paper liner so it wont curl Prior to using them. The stickers have what we call an air release pattern in the adhesive that allows air bubbles to escape making it much easier for you to apply the sticker.

We have done adhesion tests on existing council bins and know that either of these stickers will meet and exceed your expectations for the bin signage giving you exceptional value for the life of the sign / bin.

We will also be happy to show and provide cleaning and sticker application instructions for you so the installation process goes smoothly for you.

The FOGO school stickers are an A3 size sheet with 100 individually profile cut stickers that we have been making for schools as a FOGO promotion. They just need your Leeton logo, if you thought these may be helpful in Leeton, let us know the quantity you would need and we will price these for you also.

Let us know if you have any questions or if we are able to help you with anything else?
Thank you

Ian Gilroy