Artword Guidelines


Document Color Mode - CMYK for all files

Appearance of Black - C=0, m=0, y=0, k=100 for print logos

Overprinting - Confirm that no shapes are set to overprint using the Attributes panel

Use Global Swatches - Convert all swatches to Global swatches, reapply Global swatches to corresponding shapes

Delete Unused Swatches - Choose "Select All Unused" from the Swatch panel fly out menu then click the trash icon


Convert All Text to Outlines - (Shift + Command or Control + o)


Expand All Shapes - Make sure appearances are expanded and strokes are expanded to outlines (Object > Expand)

Merge Shapes - Use the Pathfinder panel to merge shapes using the Unite option

Clean Up - Clean up stray points, unpainted objects, and empty text paths (Object > Path > Clean Up)

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